Valmont sets up a Hanging Garden in the middle of the snow.
A mixture of art, treatments and perfumes.

For nearly thirty years, encounters from every artistic horizon have forged and enriched the soul of the Valmont brand, allowing it to transcend the boundaries of the world of cosmetics and exalt universal beauty. Among them, mixed-media and multifaceted artist… Jane Le Besque.

Valmont President and Artistic Director Didier Guillon has chosen to display her talent this winter in Verbier, the cradle of the first SPA By Valmont and backdrop for a number of the brand’s boldest explorations. Here, Magicien du Temps presents an ephemeral space around Jane Le Besque’s pictorial work Hanging Garden.

Jane Le Besque

Jane Le Besque

Jane Le Besque lives and works with her family at the foot of the French Jura, a few minutes from Geneva.

She was born in England and has a Breton Grandfather, hence her name. Since graduating from Birmingham Art College in 1986 she went on to further her studies at l'Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris and from their lived and worked in Toulouse, London and now Geneva.

Jane has always painted. She is her happiest walking through the woods and gathering berries, mushrooms, acorns, flowers and leaves to use in her cooking and painting.



Win a «One Thousand Nights» Elixir des Glaciers limited edition Or one of the 15 Valmont sets of a value of CHF 480.-



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